Lake Winnipeg Outfitters Provides Guided Fishing Trips and Tours on Lake Winnipeg

 About Us

Lake Winnipeg Outfitters is a family owned business on the East shores of Lake Winnipeg and is located in Beaconia, Manitoba, Canada.

We provide Guided Fishing for many species of fish one of which is our World Famous Green Back Walleye that can grow to enormous sizes.
Lake Winnipeg is a very Special lake being the 10th Largest Fresh water lake in the world it has more to offer to fishermen than most. The quality and numbers of fish that you will catch when fishing Lake Winnipeg is like nothing you can experience anywhere else. Many Anglers believe that the next world record will come from Lake Winnipeg.


Some of the fish that we catch 

Walleye - Our walleyes are as unique as they can get with their emerald color above average size and fierce fight no wonder they are North America favorite sport fish.

Drum -These fish pound for pound are some of the strongest fish with big runs and erratic behavior and can weight up to 20 plus pounds 

Northern Pike -They are at the top of the food chain with good reason these fish eat anything that moves, are more aggressive than most and can grow up to 40’’ plus and weigh well over 40 pounds

Burbot - Our Burbot are fast becoming one of the favorite to anglers who love to eat fish but are very rarely seen in the summer months but are very common during our ice fishing season in the evenings

Carp - Our Carp fishing is very popular with our European Guests and is very common to Catch 40 pound Carp.

You may also catch: Silver Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Catfish, White Fish, Goldeye, Mooneye, Sauger, Bullhead and Sturgeon.


We are known for our time spent Ice Fishing Lake Winnipeg and our Ice Fishing Shack Rentals,  but we also offer Guided Fishing on Lake Winnipeg and The Winnipeg River for our Summer Fishing Friends.

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Ice Fishing Lake Winnipeg

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Summer Fishing 

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Guided Fishing 

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Ice Fishing Shack Rental

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BOX 115 Beaconia, Manitoba, Canada. R0E 0B0

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